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Marmalade Delicatessen & Catering is a food-lovers mecca, nestled in the heart of sunny seaside Eastbourne. We are dedicated to damn fine tasty food.

In the true sense of the word, delicatessen, we aim to provide unique, esoteric, specialized products for you to create that special meal. We also have a large range of ready- made meals to save you the hassle. How about one of our jute gift bags full of goodies for a special friend, when time is tight, ie house warming, new born baby, sickness, bereavement or returning from holiday.

We also offer a full catering service for any event you may have.

We use local, free-range & organic produce wherever possible. All packaging, wherever possible, is eco-friendly & we are plastic bag free.

Our small passionate team looks forward to feeding you!





Frozen Meals

We have a range of gourmet fresh and frozen meals to save you the hassle of cooking when time is tight.

Single-serve are $7

One to two serve are priced from $12.50 to $14.50

Two to four serve are priced from $19.50 to $22.50

Some of our range include:

chicken & leek cannelloni, braised beef cheek in orange & star anise with creamy mash, house-smoked fish pie, porcini mushroom & truffle risotto, vegan shepards pie, vegan lemongrass kumara dahl with cauliflower & peanut rice, tomato chorizo & black olive gnocchi, beef lasagne, macaroni cheese and beef meatballs on spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Soups come in two sizes, small priced at $9.50 and large at $15.50.

Some of our range include;

Roast pumpkin dhal, silverbeet, spinach & lemon, mexican meatball, parsnip & parmesan, french onion.

We have frozen desserts, blueberries, crepes, spiced pulled pork and coconut icecream.

Many of our meals are gluten free and vegan.


Marmalades, Spreads, pates


 We produce a range of produce at Marmalade including;

Orange & grapefruiut marmalade, lime & ginger marmalade, lime marmalade, peanut butter, port & tamarillo relish, tomato chilli jam, preserved lemons, pickled onions, kimchi, sauerkraut, feijoa ginger jam, lavosh crackers, superseed crackers, chicken liver pate, smoked salmon pate, hummus and pesto and much more.

We have also relaunched Shooting Star Lemonade which is a well known thirst quenching natural old fashioned lemonade. This was devised by our middle son, Oliver, nine years ago. It became so popular that we supplied several cafes in the Wellington region and the business was jointly run by Oliver and his older brother Ben. Due to other commitments production stopped for a year and a half but we are happy to announce that it's back on stream!



Breads and pastries

We stock deliciously authentic french baguette on a daily basis and French pastries on a Friday and Saturday. These are baked locally by a lovely artisan Vietnamese baker and we are lucky enough to be able to supply this premium product.

On Saturdays we stock Wellington Sourdough company's delicious crusty sourdough range. These include an incredible round sourdough loaf, a beautiful multigrain rectangular loaf and the devine golden sultana, orange & fennel loaf. You have to try these to believe just how good bread can be!






chilled gazpacho shots  VG,GF,DF,V

mini salmon cream cheese roulade  GF

sushi roll with hoisin dip  VG,GF,DF,V (some)

mini parmesan shortbreads with blistered cherry tomato & feta cream  V

ceviche served on china spoon  G.F,D.F

prawn mint ricepaper roll with hanoi dip  G.F,D.F

rare beef on crostini with horseradish creme  

panfried halloumi with chilli jam on pickled cucumber  G.F,V

cocktail sandwich selection

mini corn coriander fritters with tamarillo relish  V.G,G.F,D.F,V

spiced green lentil patty with honeyed carrot & beetroot hummus  V.G,G.F,D.F,V

smoked salmon & lemon mascarpone on blini

lemongrass lime chilli chicken skewers  G.F,D.F

venison meatballs with port & tamarillo relish  G.F,D.F

thai fish cakes with tomato chilli marmalade  G.F,D.F

onion marmalade, rosemary & feta tartlet  V

mini prawn & caper fritter with citrus aioli

creamy mushroom & thyme vol au vents  V

hoisin beef meatballs with provencal dip  G.F


We recommend seven to eight items per head for a function lasting 1 1/2 hours- 2 hours.

5 items per head ;     $13.50 

6 items per head :     $15.50

7 items per head :     $17.50

8 items per head :     $19.50

There is a minimum requirement of 10 people per item.

Delivery fees will apply and all items needing heating will be provided with a baking tray, platter and heating instructions.

All pricing excludes gst





double cheese scone with butter

roast red pepper, feta & spinach muffin with butter

pork & apple sausage roll with tomato relish

breakfast sausage wrapped in bacon with tomato chilli jam

classic southland cheese roll

corn & baby spinach fritters with feijoa ginger chutney  g.free

individual quiches with assorted fillings

bacon, egg & tomato pie

salmon, cream cheese & spinach roulade  g.free

bread cases filled with mushroom & chicken or feta & spinach

nori rolls with soy sesame dip  g.free, vegan, d.free

club sandwich selection


berry white chocolate muffins with butter

pikelets with jam & cream

date & orange scones with butter

raspberry cashew bliss balls  g.free, d.free, vegan

chocolate caramel square  g.free

ginger oat slice

chocolate raspberry brownie  g.free

cherry friand  g.free

fresh fruit skewer  g.free, vegan, d.free


1 item  $4 per head

2 items  $7 per head

3 items  $9.50 per head

4 items  $  12.50 per head

5 items  $  15 per head

There is a minimum requirement of 10 people per item.

Pricing excludes gst and delivery.





shaved ham, brie & cranberry croissant

asparagus aioli finger roll

mushroom thyme risotto cake   g.f

onion marmalade & anchovy tart

pumpkin, feta, spinach, roast red pepper frittata   g.f

club sandwich selection

smoked salmon cream cheese and chive roulade    g.f

spinach roast red pepper cream cheese roulade    g.f

spiced green lentil patty, honeyed carrot, beetroot hummus    g.f, vg

corn, coriander fritters with port & tamarillo relish

lemon poached chicken wrap with brie, rocket, mixed salad & aioli

rare roast beef, horseradish & cos soft bap

blistered cherry tomato, feta & baby spinach tart

pesto risotto cake     g.f

bacon & egg pie

herbed sausage roll with tomato relish

hand rolled sushi with hoisin dip   g.f, vg

prawn or vegetable rice paper roll    g.f, vg


blueberry lemon muffin with butter

chocolate caramel slice

apricot date cranberry coconut ball   g.f, vg

raspberry chocolate square

house shortbread

cherry friand    g.f

mini danish pastry

ginger pistachio square

afghan biscuit

fresh fruit skewer


3 items  $13.50 per head

4 items$15.50 per head

5 items$17.50 per head

6 items$19.50 per head

There is a minimum requirement of 10 people per item.

All pricing excludes gst

Delivery fee $10 local, $15 Lower Hutt, $20 Wellington






Designed to feed 10-12 people.

Assorted dips  $65 

a choice of three dips served with corn chips & vegetable crudites: beetroot, hummus, smoked salmon, guacamole, spicy tomato or babaganoush.

Antipasto  $95

meats, cured meats, cheese, crudites, pickles, crackers, smoked salmon, grissini, pickled vegetables.........

Cheeseboard  $95

selection of cheese with grapes, lavosh, crackers and quince paste

Chocolate  $95

truffles, caramel chocolate, raspberry brownie square, fudge, chocolate dipped fruits.....


Designed to feed 10-15 people or served as a side:


Some salad examples are:

corn, black bean, roast red pepper, red onion & coriander with chipotle dressing

mixed slaw with miso dressing and roasted peanuts

roast vegetable and feta with toasted seeds

couscous, cherry tomato, baby spinach and zucchini with a harissa dressing

raw broccoli, silverbeet, carrot & red cabbage with toasted cashews & basil lemon dressing

brown rice, roasted pumpkin, roast red pepper & spring onion with honey mustard dressing

roasted beetroot, orange, baby spinach, green bean, mint and quinoa with citrus dressing

greek; cucumber, black olive, red onion, tomato & feta

green; cos, avocado, green bean, cucumber & spring onion with balsamic dressing

potato; agria, egg, gherkin, spring onion, red pepper, aioli ( chorizo optional)

All pricing excludes gst


shaved champagne ham, Brie & cranberry mini croissant

asparagus lemon aioli finger roll

mushroom thyme risotto cake g.f

onion marmalade & anchovy tart

buffalo mozzarella tart with blistered cherry tomato & fresh basil

individual turkey cranberry pie

christmas club sandwich selection

smoked salmon cream cheese & chive roulade g.f

corn coriander fritter with port tamarillo relish g.f

smoked fish & fresh dill on crostini with horseradish creme

coronation chicken crepe parcel

christmas bay fish cake with tomato chili jam g.f

soft bap filled with rare-roast beef, cos & horseradish

blistered cherry tomato, feta & baby spinach tart

mixed meringues; lemon, chocolate hazelnut and berry

mini christmas mince pies

apricot cranberry date coconut ball g.f vegan d.f

raspberry chocolate brownie square g.f

citrus tarts

chocolate cranberry fudge square

chocolate-dipped strawberries g.f

fresh fruit skewers g.f vegan d.f

3 items per head; $13.50

4 items per head; $15.50

5 items per head; $17.50

6 items per head; $19.50

There is a minimum requirement of 10 people per item

All pricing excludes gst

Delivery; local $10, Lower Hutt $15, Wellington $20



herb garlic-crusted rare beef sirloin with horseradish creme

honey-citrus whole side of salmon

marmalade maple-glazed ham with mustard

porcini truffle mushroom risotto

turkey salad with asparagus, cos, cherry tomato, cranberry & pomegranate molasses dressing


corn, black bean, coriander, roast red pepper, red onion & chipotle dressing

asian slaw with miso dressing & toasted peanuts

roasted beetroot, orange & kumara with a mint lemon dressing

baby potato, pickle, free-range egg, red pepper, red onion, fresh dill & aioli

iceburg, cos, cherry tomato, asparagus, green bean & avocado with a fresh basil dressing

roasted vegetables with kalamata olives

fresh asparagus with hollandaise

baby minted baby potatoes

couscous, green beans, cherry tomatoes & baby spinach with harissa dressing

christmas sweet platter including chocolate dipped strawberries, cranberry fudge, lemon tarts, mince pies, raspberry brownie square, turkish delight cigars

choose 1 main, 2 sides, 1 dessert; $28 per head

choose 1 main, 3 sides, 1 dessert; $33 per head

choose 2 mains, 2 sides, 1 dessert; $38 per head

There is a minimum requirement of 20 people.

All pricing excludes gst.

Food can be dropped off or picked up and platters collected the following day.

We can arrange any necessary hireage you need and arrange delivery.

Please call us to discuss any dietary requirements you may have.


These can be cut into 16 slices. $70

lemon berry, lemon sourcream, carrot with cream cheese icing ( can be g.f ), spiced orange with chai icing, hummingbird ( pineapple, passionfruit & banana), caramel espresso, chocolate mud g.f, sticky date with caramel sauce, orange poppyseed g.f, citrus pistachio g.f



These can be cut into 12 large slices or 16 smaller ones.  $70

We can offer a variety of flavours, ie. sundried tomato, roasted pumpkin, feta & baby spinach , or chicken, brie, artichoke & mushroom, or ham off the bone, cheddar, cherry tomato & onion jam.

Quiches can be spelt crust if requested.



menu 1     $12 per head

house mini herbed sausage rolls & mixed savoury quiches

club sandwich selection

chocolate fudge squares

tea and plunger coffee


menu 2      $15 per head

selection of cocktail sandwiches & pinwheels

assorted savoury tartlets & mini herbed sausage rolls

beef & pistachio meatballs with hoisin sauce  g.f

mini sweet platter selection

tea and plunger coffee 

orange juice


extra items      $2 each item per head

prawn, caper & lemon mini fritters   g.f, d.f

moroccan chicken skewers with raita dip   g.f

mixed crostini

smoked fish & caper tartlets

spinach roulade with salmon, chive & cream cheese   g.f

corn & coriander fritters with tomato chili jam   g.f, d.f

mini pikelets with jam and whipped cream

raw carrot chia and date balls with coconut    g.f, vg

We can arrange crockery and glassware hireage which is priced at $3.50 per head.

A staff member can be supplied priced at $26 per hour ( a minimum of 3 hours charge).

All pricing excludes gst.



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